The Unwinding Retreat
11:00 AM11:00

The Unwinding Retreat

Join Holistic Nutritionists Ashleigh Norris and Carley Nadine for a day of indulgent self-care as we explore natural practices and tools for transitioning our mindset and nervous system from chaos to calm.

Participants will be immersed in the role of herbs, nourishing practices, breathwork, mindfulness and energy medicine to help ease stress and anxiety in their daily lives.

This retreat is designed to not only offer a deeply relaxing experience and allow you to unwind, but to provide you with practical tools and new skills to help you navigate anxiety and stress and move from chaos to calm even in the most tumultuous moments.


As the day unwinds you will:

Align with natural healing tools and practices to nourish your psyche and nervous system.

Leave with a deeper understanding of the types of herbs, supplements and food that will help reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

Have a chance to shift your relationship with stress and anxiety.

Be led through special guided meditations, healing ceremonies and receive reiki.

Enjoy rest, contemplation and a sense of renewal.

Delight in the beauty and healing powers of community and connection.

Experience deep relaxation through immersive heart healing sound bath by Darren Austin Hall

Leave with a sense of what you would like to release, consciously expand into, and channel your energy toward. Grow a deep connection with like-minded individuals.

All participants will leave with a gratitude bag (containing supplements and other anxiety relieving tools) valued at $220.


How it will all unwind.

11:00- Introductions + Opening Circle

11:15- Herbal medicine and nourishing practices

12:30- Guided Meditation and Breathwork with Carley

1:00-  Organic Catered Lunch + Mindful Eating Practice

1:45-Intention setting and Peruvian Release Ceremony

2:15- Mind Mapping Exercise
2:45- Sound Bath with Darren Austin Hall and Reiki with Ashleigh

4:00-- Closing Circle

Come as you are and take what you need.

Taking place in Toronto at Common People Shop located at 1694 Queen Street West
Tickets are $166

**Space is limited and this will sell out, please reserve ahead.

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Adaptogens and Elixirs
6:30 PM18:30

Adaptogens and Elixirs

Adaptogens have powerful properties to help the body adapt to stress and change. They assist with maintaining optimal energy, boost immunity, support our adrenal glands and help regulate stress hormone levels. Join Holistic Nutritionist Carley Nadine in this 1.5-hour workshop that focuses on adaptogenic herbs and how to incorporate them into your everyday routine. 

Carley will share her favorite delicious elixir recipes for balancing hormones, reducing stress + anxiety, and sleep. 

Includes an information handout and recipes. There will also be a demo and samples of delicious + nourishing elixir drinks.

Examples of the elixirs being made: Morning matcha, chocolate mushroom latte, cashew golden milk 


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