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Join Holistic Nutritionists Carley Nadine @truenorth.wellness and Ashleigh Norris @thesoulfulsprout for an intensive food photography and social media branding workshop on Sunday January 20th 2019.

We will move you through food styling basics, lighting, apps to use, editing techniques all using your smartphone. Not only will you learn how to create colorful, dynamic images but you will be immersed in the business side social media including content creation, building your audience, blogging, captions, algorithms and hashtags. You will be given a chance to create beautiful content for your own social media and leave inspired by the endless possibilities.

We will introduce you to all the tools we use that will save you time, help you grow your brand and reach your ideal audience, plus produce beautiful content with ease and clarity.

Whether you're a nutritionist, nutrition student, food blogger, wellness advocate or someone who just trying to grow their wellness business, this workshop is for you!

You will learn in 3 hours what took us 3 years to learn online!

Plus we included a FREE content planning calendar for attendees ($50 value) filled with inspiration and structure to get the wheels rolling for you in 2019.


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Sauerkraut + Gut Love Workshop
1:00 PM13:00

Sauerkraut + Gut Love Workshop

Learn all about the incredible benefits of fermented foods and how to make your own sauerkraut at home for the fraction of the cost of store bought. 

This beginner level workshop will go over the science behind fermentation so that participants leave with an adaptable set of knowledge on how it works. We will discuss how it can be applied to all sorts of daily encounters with probiotics, including coconut yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut.

The hands-on portion of the class participants will make their own batch of sauerkraut with different variations and feedback from the instructor. They will leave with a jar of sauerkraut, a step-by-step instruction handout, and ongoing support. 


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Adaptogens + Elixirs
6:30 PM18:30

Adaptogens + Elixirs

Adaptogens have powerful properties to help the body adapt to stress and change. They assist with maintaining optimal energy, boost immunity, support our adrenal glands and help regulate stress hormone levels. Join Holistic Nutritionist Carley Nadine in this 1.5-hour workshop that focuses on adaptogenic herbs and how to incorporate them into your everyday routine. 

Carley will share her favorite delicious elixir recipes for balancing hormones, reducing stress + anxiety, and sleep. 

Includes an information handout and recipes. There will also be a demo and samples of delicious + nourishing elixir drinks.

Examples of the elixirs being made: Morning matcha, chocolate mushroom latte, cashew golden milk 


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